The second half of the festival was held over at the goshala.

A special pandal was erected and a few hundred devotees gathered (the brahmacaris were noticably absent – over 100 of them, including twins Jananivas and Pankajanghri prabhus are on the Vrajmandala parikrama) to worship the cows and hear about the glories of cow protection from senior devotees.

Some of the speakers were Sauri prabhu, who revealed he was brought up on a farm in Colorado where they milked the cows by hand

Kavicandra Maharaja,

Suresvara prabhu

and of course, Mayapur’s animal protection society matriarch, Hrmati mataji

Our young brahmanas were all on hand to do a special yajna

and of course, go-matas in abundance were curious onlookers.

Excuse me! Never interupt a lady while she’s eating!

especially since she’s likely to take a fancy to your camera

Better than cameras though, were the tasty snacks the devotees were able to feed our bovine friends

Cows apparently like bananas

almost as much as the cowherd boys

Just in case you were wondering what those big horns were for

here’s your answer

Everything was topped off nicely with some famous Mayapur kicheri and halava

Gopastami ki jaya!

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