The Eagle has landed
4 February 2011

At the BRC here in Kolkata we live in a small 5th floor flat with a nice open veranda which gives a good view across a largely uncluttered skyline. As the day begins the sky fills with birds, mainly crows and pigeons. But there is a surprising number of eagles as well. 20 meters away there are a couple of very tall palm trees.

In the palm trees there is an eagle’s nest. Last year a couple of eaglets were born and now they own the roost.

Sometimes in the mornings when we are chanting japa on the veranda we suddenly get a light (or not so light) bump on the head from one of the eagles, swooping down to deliver what I assume is a warning that we are in its territory and to stay at a distance. They catch rats and other lesser beings and like to sit up in the branches to eat.

This morning one of them decided to pay us a closer visit, happily posing on the wall and checking us out.

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