After a couple of days in Zagreb I headed off to Slovenia with HH Prahladananda Maharaja and Lilasukha prabhu for another four day summer camp. We travelled to the border and after a half hour wait just over the checkpoint we swapped cars and went on to the camp site. 620_4855

I can’t tell you where exactly because noone seemed to know the name of the district. Anyway, it was about 30 kms from the border. I like Slovenia, its a green and pleasant land and our site was right in the middle of a beautiful band of farm land.


Facilities were simple but adequate. Maharaja stayed in a small cabin, Manidhara had his own travelling house

100_2993 100_3195

and for the first time this year the organizers provided a few small caravans for senior guests, myself included

620_4856 620_4857

and we even had wireless broadband


A large rented framed marquee served as the temple room and single men’s quarters

620_4871 620_4863 - Copy620_4864 - Copy 620_4867

An old barn served as a temporary ashram and kitchen

620_4876620_4886620_4878 620_4885

and the remainder of the devotees stayed in tents. Altogether about sixty adults and kids attended. Not huge but the summer camps are a great chance for devotees to get together, have a spiritual holiday and increase their hearing and chanting.

620_4918 620_4893

Beautiful Gaura Nitai and Srila Prabhupada oversaw the events

620_4866 620_4905

Mornings were surprisingly chilly; in fact one morning it was only 5 degs. C! I was told later it was the coldest August morning for over a hundred years. But it was sunny everyday so no real hardship there


One pleasant surprise was meeting HG Kratu  prabhu whom I hadn’t seen for a few years


He was staying at a nearby home and gave a seminar on Krsna-katha

As in Lika I was asked to kick off each day’s seminars with a session of ‘Srila Prabhupada the Living Bhagavatam’ so that everyone could meditate on His Divine Grace during the day.

100_2463 100_2473

Prasadam was very nicely cooked and it was a pleasure to take with the Vaisnavas in the sunshine and open air. And of course, bask in the warm sunshine


The many children were kept entertained with special rides, kirtans and even a bonfire to cook fresh corn on the cob

100_2760 100_2764100_2787100_2797100_2798100_2804100_2808100_2842100_2850100_2980100_2991100_3048100_3065100_3067100_3085

The special event was Lord Balarama’s appearance day some photos of which are just now coming (in case anyone is wondering about the sporadic nature of my postings, I am on a pretty hectic tour schedule so its a bit hit and miss, but there’s lots coming up!)

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