I had a quick visit to Bratislava this year in response to a request from Raghunatha-priya prabhu the temple president who also doubles up as the head pujari, cook, temple treasurer etc. 


Its not a  big yatra but its always a pleasure to visit. The temple is a nice rented house on the outskirts of the city with a long grassy back garden growing flowers for the Deities of Gaura Nitai as well as a few veges and grapes. The weather was sunny and it was a pleasure to sit out in the garden, take prasadam and chant a few rounds of japa.


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Each evening of my three day visit a small but enthusiastic group of devotees gathered to hear about Srila Prabhupada’s transcendental pastimes


and in the mornings we drove into the city to Govinda’s restaurant. Since most of the temple devotees work and serve there it was the only practical place to give the class. The basement level facility is right on one of the main streets and is a successful preaching center


One other purpose of my trip was to meet up with Krsna-lila dasi. She holds a doctorate and was the chief of public relations for ISKCON Hungary for many years. Her special talent is film documentaries and liaisons with television companies. She has produced over twenty broadcast quality films and we met to discuss her involvement with the development of exhibits for the Mayapur Temple  of the Vedic Planetarium. I am currently the coordinator for exhibit development at the TOVP and we are now gearing up ready to start production within the next year or so. Krsnalila’s experience will make her a valuable contributor to the TOVP.


She doesn’t live in Slovakia but she is from Hungary and she and her husband Mark drove several hours from Hungary for our highly productive afternoon meeting. Mark is a professional script writer and teaches it at a college in New York. As Krsna-lila and I talked he was busy completing a script for one of the Hollywood film companies. Although not a full time devotee Mark has volunteered his services if and when we need it.

After a worthwhile visit to Bratislava I headed off on August 17 for my first visit to Espanol (or is it Espanyol?) (oh well, anyway, Spain Smile!)

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