August 13 2011 was the culmination of the festivities at the Slovenian summer camp. We celebrated Lord Balarama’s appearance day with joy and devotion.

HH Bhakti Vikash Swami arrived from Croatia exactly on time to give an insightful talk on the glories of the Lord

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The Lord appeared on the altar in His shila form, along with His younger brother Kanai, as well as in His arca murti. As we all chanted and had an extended darsana, the pujaris and sannyasis bathed the two Brothers

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I also brought out Srila Prabhupada’s tooth for a special darsana for the devotees, placing it before the temple’s deity of Srila Prabhupada, Who was appropriately sitting just in front of Lord Balarama.


After the abhishek, the small children performed a very cute drama of the Lord’s pastimes

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When I think of the childhood memories I have, compared to the ones these young Vaisnavas will have, I  can’t help but marvel at how fortunate they are.

After an excellent feast we had our closing ceremony

620_4955 620_4959

and then we headed out for the hour long drive to Ljubljana (that’s Yub-yana) temple

ISKCON Ljubljana have a beautiful set of Panca-tattva deities



620_4963 620_4964620_4965

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and very good temple facilities. They have added a new greenhouse for Tulasi devi since I last visited with benches to sit on and meditate on Her transcendental form as you chant japa


and Govinda’s restaurant is still going strong. Devotees have added some nice outdoor eating areas

620_4986620_4981620_4976 620_4977620_4978 620_4985

At least our restaurants are popular and their number and longevity is increasing. In practically every city I visit I see Govinda’s restaurants and it is very pleasing to see this fulfilment of one of Srila Prabhupada’s preaching programs:

[TD2] May 4th 1976 – Honolulu

Tamal Krishna also said that Ambarisa prabhu, faithful to Srila Prabhupada’s request, has found a first-class place just around the corner from our Boston temple where he wants to have a restaurant.
Prabhupada was happy at the news. Distribution of prasadam is one of his more important programs. "From the very beginning I was asking to open restaurant and farm. Produce ghee in the farm and send to the restaurant, and make nice samosa, kacauri preparation, and there will be no scarcity of money. And if you organize in this way, your whole country will be transferred into Krsna conscious country. Whole country."


After giving a final seminar on Srila Prabhupada the Living Bhagavatam and partaking of a pleasant breakfast with Prahladananda Maharaja, Lilasuka and Tattvavit prabhus and others

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I headed out on the 14th morning for my next port of call Bratislava

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