Mayapur TOVP update
6 October 2011

Yesterday, October 5 2011, was Durga puja, the biggest festival in Bengal. Since everyone is on holiday and I am back in Mayapur I thought it was a good opportunity to take a few shots of the TOVP site.

The construction, as you can see from the photos, is progressing at an amazing rate. When I left in July on my Eurotour, the temple room floor had just been completed. Now two levels above that are done, with columns for the third and final level before the work on the main dome begins, are nearly done. Check it out!

From the north side (between the Long building and the TOVP. Its looking big:

620_6294 620_6386

From the temple room floor looking up at the ring beam support for the main dome

620_6304 620_6306

These next shots show the length from front to back; and various angles of the floors above the temple room. These floors encircle the temple room, form the base of the main dome, and will house various exhibits on three levels. Devotees will be able to look across and see the planetary chandelier hanging down from the peak of the dome 200 feet above

620_6307 620_6309620_6311 620_6313

this is looking from where the Vyasasana will be just inside the main entrance, to where the Deity rooms will be


Apparently now in India they have started to worry about work saffety

620_6342 620_6343

And from the temple room floor its up the stairs we goes, up up up, up

620_6345 620_6346

and when we gets to the top, precious – what a view!

620_6350 620_6351

even at this level, with one more to go and then the main dome, its already nearly level with the top of Srila Prabhupada’s Samadhi

620_6354 620_6355

some serious form work here;

620_6357 620_6364

and here’s the view looking north, you can see the Yoga-pitha spire on the horizon


and looking south to Navadvip and west over the now receding Ganga

620_6366 620_6367

This stair case in the temple room floor is the pujari access to the Deity rooms


the staircase to heaven

620_6378 620_6381

Here’s a few views from back down on the ground:

the old and the new – the original straw hut that Srila Prabhupada declared as the headquarters of the International Society for Krsna Consciousness in 1971;

Resize of Scan0002

and the partially manifest TOVP that he immediately started planning at the same time


Here’s a couple of shots from the highest viewing level of the Samadhi (base of the dome)

620_6396 620_6400

and looking from the south towards the front entrance


and from the east looking from ground level


and across from the fourth floor of the Conch building


Notice how small the Long Building looks


Casting of the floors for Lord Nrsimhadeva’s temple will begin next month


That’s it folks! Check out the website also:

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