Looking across from the top gallery the height is the same as the top of the Samadhi. Impressive views all around, with Mayapur city growing as fast as the temple.

620_7224_thumb[1]620_7231_thumb[2] 620_7235_thumb[2]620_7236_thumb[1] 620_7237_thumb[1]

Looking down from the top gallery to the present temple and Conch building.

620_7243_thumb[1] 620_7261_thumb[1]

And looking down into the new temple room from the third gallery level

620_7258_thumb[1] 620_7262_thumb[1]

Now Lord Nrsimhadeva’s temple is under construction and is schedule for completion of the superstructure by the end of this April

620_7199_thumb[2] 620_7200_thumb[2]620_7286_thumb[3]

One problem the managers have encountered is a shortage of local workers. They are not used to working at such height and the increased danger means absenteeism is a bit of a problem. About 70% of the work force are from Bihar.


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620_7245_thumb[1] 620_7259_thumb[1]

Here’s Govinda prabhu, our on-site supervisor, with the February casting schedule of laying the floor slabs. If schedule is met, the workers get a bonus.


Here’s the west wing which will house the planetarium theatre and exhibits


Govinda informed me that the entire superstructure should be finished within one year from now. Right now the building is only approx. one third of its total height! So watch out for a lot more exciting shots from the TOVP construction.

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