I am pleased to offer for your pleasure the latest newsletter from the Bhaktivedanta Research Centre.

    This issue covers the six months from July – December 2011. It features short articles and photos of some very exciting developments:

*    Rare book collection

*    Preservation efforts

*    Mission for Manuscripts

*    Special Guests

*    New Projects

*    New Acquisitions

*    New Members

    You can download the pdf file with this link:


    You can download the Word2007 file with this link:


    Or you can view it on-line at:


    If you have to paste the address in your browser please make sure there are no gaps or > characters in it.


        Your humble servant,
        Hari-sauri dasa

Director BRC
Bhaktivedanta Research Centre
Ph: 033 24755216
Mob: 09830120437

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